The purpose of the Green and Gold Student Leadership and Professional Development Grant (Green and Gold Grant) is to help U of A students become leaders in their profession following graduation.

This grant provides funding to participate in high impact professional development activities that will help students:

  • Expand and develop leadership and employability skills. 
  • Explore future career opportunities. 
  • Learn about professional practices in different cultures and contexts. 
  • Establish networks vital to professional practice and advancement.
  • Reflect critically on their career interests and aspirations. 

What do we mean by "employability skills"?
  • Social skills (e.g. the ability to negotiate; listen and respond to others; communicate verbally and in writing; work effectively in groups)
  • Integrity and ethical behavior
  • Self-initiative
  • Self-management (e.g. task and time management skills; goal setting and achievement)
  • Personal accountability
  • Perseverance
  • Inspiring others to pursue a goal or vision