The Green and Gold Grant is made possible by the support of donors to the University of Alberta Annual Fund.

Launched in September 2011, the Green and Gold Grant fulfills one of the key goals for the University of Alberta Annual Fund by providing opportunities beyond the classroom through which students gain experiences and skills to become world class leaders.

By connecting them with high impact professional development activities, the Green and Gold Grant offers University of Alberta graduates an introduction to the practices of professional behaviour; insight into and deeper understanding of the mechanisms and benefits of continuing professional development; and access to experiential learning activities that can enrich and enhance their academic studies and sense of on-campus engagement.

The University of Alberta Career Centre administers the Green and Gold Grant by coordinating the application and adjudication processes, publicizing the grant to students, responding to inquiries, managing reimbursements and reports, and performing other administrative tasks.

The purpose, goals and values of the Green and Gold Grant align with Career Centre's mission to “empower the University of Alberta’s talented people in developing the skills, knowledge, experiences and connections they seek to confidently manage their careers.”