Activity Details

You will be asked to provide information about the purpose and value of the activity, including:

  • Name of activity
  • Host organization
  • Location of activity
  • Website for the activity, and itinerary/schedule if available
  • Description of the activity in detail, explaining the purpose, scope, outcomes and timelines. (Up to 150 words)
  • Activity dates and travel dates


You are required to submit a budget using the Green and Gold Grant - Activity Budget template and refer to the example provided within the document. 

  • Save your completed budget as "YourLastName_FirstName_Activity Budget" and upload it within your BearsDen application. 

How to complete your budget:

  • Research the possible expenses associated with your activity. Expenses must be reasonable and reflect prudence, good judgement and due regard for economy.
  • List all eligible expenses associated with your activity.  The Green and Gold Grant funds 80% of the total cost of an activity, up to a maximum of $1500.
  • Ensure expenses for which you are requesting funding are in alignment with the Green and Gold Grant's eligible expenses and University policy:
  • List amounts in Canadian dollars, using the exchange rates specified by the U of A.
  • Provide a breakdown of calculations you used and provide a written explanation in your budget. 
    • You may be asked to provide additional documentation to support your expenses. 
  • If you know of anyone else who is applying the Green and Gold Grant for the same activity or you are travelling with other students or faculty as part of the proposed activity you are strongly encouraged to share costs with other individuals from the U of A (e.g. accommodation, vehicle transportation).
  • Note that the Green and Gold Grant will only reimburse you for the approved expenses you list in your budget and for which you have an original receipt. 

Eligible expenses

Eligible expenses that you can request reimbursement for may include, but are not restricted to, the following:
  • Registration fees to participate in the activity
    • If applicable, list what is included in the registration fee (ie. meals). 
  • Professional association membership fees, if they are required in order for you to participate in the professional development activities of that association or provide a significant discount
  • Airfare costs 
    • Include how much your flights will cost, including all fees (airline baggage fees and taxes). If you have not booked your airline ticket yet, please go to an airline or travel website to research the cost.
  • Vehicle rental costs or use of private vehicle (as required)
    • Include how much your vehicle rental will cost, including all fees. If you have not booked your vehicle rental yet, please go to a vehicle rental website and to research the cost.
  • If you are calculating distances and mileage for use of a private vehicle, include the estimated kilometers. You may use Google Maps for distance, and current mileage amounts according to the above "Schedule of Allowable Travel Expenses" document (e.g. Edmonton to Calgary: 298 kilometers x $0.50 per kilometer)
  • Accommodation costs 
    • Accommodation may include one night before the proposed activity and one night afterward. If you have not booked your accommodation yet, you are expected to research the cost and select a reasonable rate. 
    • It can be fiscally prudent to search other accommodation options close to the proposed activity. 
  • Meal costs (note: a "per diem" is an allowance for meal expenses)
    • You can claim a per diem for an entire day or for certain meals. Per diem amounts are set by the University - please calculate per diems according to the above "Schedule of Allowable Travel Expenses" document and include them in your budget. 
    • You cannot request funds for any meals that are provided as part of your event (e.g. if lunch is included as part of your conference registration fee, you cannot also claim a lunch per diem for that day). 
  • Flight cancellation insurance
  • Required special visas and travel papers
  • Travelers’ medical insurance and required vaccinations, if traveling outside of Canada or the United States.

Ineligible expenses

Certain expenses are not eligible for reimbursement and should not be included in the amount you are requesting through the Green and Gold Grant. All expenses must be in alignment with University policies. You are strongly advised to review the policies noted above before completing your budget so as to avoid delays in adjudicating your application.