Letter of Reference

As part of your application package within BearsDen, you will upload a letter of reference from a U of A faculty member (Word or PDF format). 

  • Faculty members are instructors of academic courses (ie. lecturer, professor) or a Chair, Associate Dean or Dean. Reference letters from non-faculty staff can be submitted as an additional letter (ie. co-op coordinators, academic advisors, teaching assistants). 
It is optional to submit one additional reference letter from someone who is not a faculty member at the U of A, if you feel that it will enhance your application.

Tips for your letter of reference:

  • Give your referee the Reference Guidelines to help them write an appropriate reference letter.
  • Provide information about your activity, why you want to participate in the activity and how you expect to benefit from it.
  • Give your referee enough time to write a quality reference letter and send it back to you. You should request the reference several weeks in advance of the deadline. 
The letter of reference should: 
  • Explain the merits and goals of your proposed activity.
  • Address how participating in the activity will impact your career exploration, leadership and professional development. 
  • Speak to your leadership accomplishments and potential.

If your referee prefers they can email the letter of reference directly to greenandgoldgrant@ualberta.ca. The letter must be received the appropriate deadline.