New Grant Terms

Announcing new application terms

Starting August 1, 2013, we will once again be accepting applications for the Green and Gold Grant. If you've viewed our granting information in the past, you will notice a few changes:

1. You must apply to the Green and Gold Grant as an individual. There is no longer the option of applying as a group. This means creating your own budget, providing your own documentation and having one reference letter focused on you alone.

2. We have incorporated some short answer questions in addition to the essay question. These will help you identify the purpose, scope and outcomes of your activity for our adjudicators.

3. We now have set application deadlines, related to the date of your proposed activity. This will allow us to provide a better level of service to you in that you know when you can expect to hear from us regarding your application.

4. The Green and Gold Grant now funds 80% of the total cost of an activity, up to a maximum of $1500.

Please contact us with any questions!