My Green and Gold: Tanya's Story

Tanya Mireault, BSc., Nutrition and Food Science

Tanya was a Green and Gold recipient from last summer. Read on to hear about her experience. 

National Student Food Summit

Tanya attended the National Student Food Summit in Toronto in August, 2014, hoping to enhance her understanding in her work and studies. “I wanted to participate in the National Food Summit as it is related to my degree and my summer job as the Community Garden Coordinator with Sustain SU at the University of Alberta. My hope was to learn from other’s experiences and get resources to help support me in my position.”

The experience exceeded her expectations. “The students attending were amazing, full of energy and potential. I had the chance to learn from them and have their support for any project I take on in the future.”

Tanya says that the summit made her more confident in her program choice, inspiring her to continue pursuing a career in nutrition. “I had started university in education but I switched to the nutrition program however I still felt some lingering doubts about my choice. I feel a certain conviction about my career choice upon my return from the summit.”

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